Monday, 13 December 2010

Welcome to the Golden Valley Art blog

Hello and welcome to the Golden Valley Art blog!

I am a Rural Photographer and Digital Artist from the Golden Valley in Herefordshire. I have been a photographer for the past 6 years photographing weddings, corporate photography and I have also been lucky enough to share my work by selling
my Limited Edition Framed Prints World Wide.

Living in the Golden Valley of Herefordshire it is so simple for me to find inspiration with it's rolling hills, farm houses, livestock and the historic villages and parishes. Also, with the Black mountains as a back drop, I really am spoilt for choice as where to take photographs.

Most of my work has been put through a process known as "high dynamic range". or HDR.

It is a process where I take three photographs of the same
image, one photograph is under exposed, the next correctly exposed, then the third over exposed. I then use software to bring the there images together to create the final image.

Here is a quick example:

The 1st image is slightly over exposed
The 2nd under exposed
3rd correctly eposed
And the fourth image is after the three images have all been brought together in HDR software.

Some other photogrpahers are not too keen on this process, but I really enjoy the process and the final image, I hope you do too!